Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ending of a Year!!!

While as the year comes to a final end.  I feel like I have totally lost touch with my blog.  So much has been going on laterly I really haven't had time to write anything.  But I figured while I sit at work I could try and get a quick update in.

Things with Jesse and I have been up and down since September and I feel like things have finally come to a point to where I feel wierd almost.  I feel like everything with soon fall into place and the dreams I have dreamed for a long time with finally come to a end.

I cannot wait to start another amazing year with Jesse and begin everything that needs to be started.  I am working and trying to get school going as well.  I really hope this spring goes amazingly well. 

Ok quick catch up from fall...
      *Jesse and I where together for two years.
      * Took off to Columbia and saw Carolina Clemson Game
      * Clemson won the ACC!!!
     * Finally got the living room painted but not completely done with the house.

And Christmas...
     Well Christmas was great.  I pretty much got everything I asked for.  Jesse brought me a new Camera and I am in love with it.  I got what I wanted from Mama and Daddy and had an amazing time with Jesse's family. 
     But I think the best gift I got was the fact things between me and Jesse are like they were the first time we were together.   I feel like I am faling in love with the one person I have always wanted.  I truly don't know what to do or how to act.  I am just thanking God that He has seem to brought us back to where we started.

Plans for the New Year are still not set and hopefully they will be ready by the weekend.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and pictures are soon to follow.  Once I am not at work....


Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally Fall!!!

FALL...... The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.

  My favorite time of the year is finally here.  The cool air blowing around all day, to football games on Saturdays.  Where there is bonfires on those nights with some warm pumkin spice lattes and so much more.
I look forward to this time of the year and when it is finally here I truly don't want it to change. 
     The season has pretty much started off right with my Clemson Tigers winning all of the first five games.  Making ACC and School history by beating three Top 25 teams in a row.  We are 5-0, 2-0 in the ACC and rated number 8 in the AP Coach's Poll at the start of the 6th week of football season and coming home to host Boston College this coming Saturday in the most ever so beautiful Death Valley at 3:30.  It makes me nervous to know my Tigers will be stepping out on the field undefeated with BC coming into town.  (Just a little remember of one of the reason why all of this is so happy and good for me is we beat Auburn and Carolina lost last night to them)  Goooo Tigers!!!
     I am trying to come up with some little cute ideas for making the house look more like fall.  I am hoping to get some orange and leaves stuff for my front door.  Then of course when it gets closer to Halloween I am hoping to fix a pumpkin up for the front step at the house. 
    Then I am trying to come up with a cheap weekend getaway for me and Jess before our big trip to Columbia at the end of November (Going to watch some Clemson Carolina game for our big 2 year Anny).  I would love to take a trip to the mountains but everything is so costly right now and I know Jesse most likely would not go for it.  So I am looking for something fun to do.
     I was hoping to get the house done better Christmas but I don't know how close that will be.  Still have a lot of things going on and can't get everything right now.  Between going back to school and everything there is just no time in the day.
     I am thinking about getting my mama to write up the receipe for her chicken and dressing in a crock pot, and hopefully some of her could ole cooking you know for the fall weather so hopefully I can cook some good dinner one night. 
     Since I love the fall and the fall weather plus food I am going to try and blog almost everyday posting something with the fall season...
          I found this easy homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Hopefuly it is good I am hoping to try it out one night this week.

Hopes and Dream Photography...
Jesse and McKenzie 2011

Hopes and Dreams Photography...

Hopes and Dreams Photography...
This one is my favorite out of all of them!!!
Hopes and Dreams Photography...
Jesse and the only two people who will ever love him more than anything!!!
Hopes and Dreams Photography...
This is truly how we are most of the time
Hopes and Dreams Photography...
Love this pic of me
What we did on the main strip Downtown Myrtle Beach...
(Watch Carolina play Georgia outside the Landshark Bar and Grill)
The TV!!!
Watching the game...
The Sky Wheel
Our Classroom and work for the week...
If this was just every morning
Feeding the fish at The Bass Pro Shop
The chair Jesse thinks he is going to have in our living room one day!!!
(Yea well he can think twice about that one)
Playing Putt Putt
Myrtle Beach 2011
The shark someone fishing in...
(I got to touch it and then it turned my head to my toes and I went running)
Yep normal....
My future Mother-In-Law and Aunt
Plus My great photographers (Hopes and Dreams Photography)...
(They are taking appts. if you want your pics done let me know
Jesse's Hot Now Sign and Hat....
Joy, Missie, and I had to get him to even take us there!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Holiday

Had to post some pics from the past few monthes
So with it being Labor Day it is great that I am starting it off sitting at work. But just three more hours and I get to enjoy the day with Jess. Things have truly been going great and in one week I will be sitting at the beach with Jesse. Yay now just working on getting things up and ready to take off. well guys I will posted so later today just wanted to drop by while I had a second kenz

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New starts just starting!!!

Well of course almost another month or two has gone by and I have not took the time to sit and blog.  So with everything that is starting to happen and coming to change I am sitting the goal right here and now to take it on and start blogging more.  To even to just start writing the little stuff down.  With the new starts that are going on right now, I truly don't want to miss a single thing.  They are truly going to be life difference to start and I don't want to leave anything out.
(But there are something I cannot tell just right now and will have to blog about them as they happen)
First, Monday was the first day of classes for me.  God I think I was so nervous I could hardly move or even think straight.  I mean after trying or so what trying (if that is what they even call it) more than three times now.  You truly get a little worried if it is ever going to happen or if anything is ever going to come of all the money that is being put into me trying to get a degree.  But lets just say I lived to make it through Monday and Wednesday classes of this week and only what feels like forever to go left of this fall courses.  Just eye on the price December 5.  I have looking at it this way I have to take one class at a time and cannot look at the big picture just yet, I will get down and discouraged and I don't need to do that at all this time.
Also Jesse started back school as well but his classes are on Tuesday and Thursday.  He seemed to really like it and I am so glad. I was so worried about him it even got me neurvous (yes I was more neurvous than he even was on Tuesday.  But like I said him seemed to really enjoy it and seems to be really excitied about going back.  I am just so proud of him that he is putting his mind to doing something.  Plus the great thing is that this is something that will help both our futures out and give us the best future there could be out there.
Which brings me to some great news about Jesse and me.  I know the  last timed I blogged we were not doing to well and things were not looking to hot in our future front.  Well in the pass two weeks going on three, life between us has truly become the life I had wanted and dreamed of.  The amazing thing he is doing and acting.  Things have really turned around.  I truly know God is working His amazing magic in our lives and the best thing is it is for the better of our relationship.  But I keep praying everyday that the happenings that have been happening between the two of us will stay and grow in away that I have never dreamed of before.
So back to just what else that has been going on... Well I am still working like an idiot (that is where I am at as I sit here very tired because of no sleep)  and Jesse also went back onto first shift which has been working ok just a lot of getting use to the early morning hours.  I am still working on my house and little by little it is slowly coming along. 
I got to take a short beach trip to the most wonderful place on earth Destin, Florida with my family.  I had an amazing time and so wish I just could live down there full time and never have to work a day in my life.
Also in a few short weeks Jess and I have our trip to the beach together and I truly can not wait.

Well I am going to run and finish up work for the day and hope blog some more later

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Yall!!!
So I am so sorry that I haven't posted in so long.  I really truly don't know where this month has gone. I have truly been working like a mad dog at work and of course I am here again tonight. 
The work in the house is coming a long and hopefully by the end of next week things will be coming more to order that it is right now.  We still have the kitchen to paint and clean from top to bottom.  Plus the living room is in need of some major overhall and that is going to take a big part to do.  But with me working and starting back school at the end of August.  There is really no time or the funds to do all that I want to do right now. 

Things with Jess, have still been up in the air and I truly don't know how to act or do anymore.  The trying is getting harder everyday and when things to look like that are going to get a little better and I speak about it or even think about it for that matter it turns right around and goes south.  I truly don't have any idea or clue how to make anything better.  Every day is a new day and nothing is the same.

Ok back to a lighter better subject....

Summer is almost half way over and to be it feels like it never started.  I have truly been wanting to go on a vacation or a weekend trip or even just a little day trip.  But of course there is nothing to do in this little town.
This weekend is the Fourth of July. Truly have nothing planned and really don't know what I am going to do.  I want to spend the weekend with Jesse since both of us are off for the holiday weekend.

Hopefully time with not get away from me so much and I can post something soon...


Friday, June 10, 2011


Try: To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt.

Everyday someone out there is trying.  Trying to do something, to accomplish something.  We try everyday and get up in the mornings.  Usually we accomplish something in a day that we try to do. 
Well lately it is feeling like I am doing a whole lot of trying with a little accomplishment.  I am getting to the point where I am tired of it.  Tired of being the only one trying.  I don't know how much more I can try.  The push towards the goals is getting longer instead of shorter.  Everyday is becoming a battle of will.  A battle at being the one.  Is it getting close to waving the white flag and putting away all will to work to reach the goal.  When two people have come so far, has work so hard to fight to give love to each other.  Where do you draw the line at when there is only one person trying at it.  Where do you put your foot down and learn that trying is just becoming to much to handle anymore.  That you trying will never be good enough to win the battle.  Where does all of this stuff just stop and you say enough is enough. 

Loving: to have love or affection for.

We do this everyday.  Love.  A four letter word that makes the world goes around it seems like.  But love is sometimes never enough it seems like.  I wish with everything in me that love could just fix everything.  That loving someone would just be enough for once.  But it feels like it ain't.  That no matter how hard you try to love someone that your try is not enough.  That your feel and affection is not what they want.

Relationship: A particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other

We have all kinds of relationships.  Friends, family, and once we have that relationship with the love of our lives we are hooked.  To have that relationship with that soul mate is everything.  But what if that relationship that we thought we had with that soul mate was falling apart.  What do you do then.  That relationship that you are fighting like hell to keep together, the one you are praying for every secon of everyday.  How to do stop that relationship from falling apart, from becoming something a thing of the past.  When all you want is the true future.

I am hoping for some answers to these questions.  To know that the trying and the fighting is not going to be for nothing.  That what we had that was so amazing just two years ago has not been lost forever.  To know that the love we had is right there and can be so amazing once more.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot June!!!

Hey guys!!!  So I am sitting at work and starting thinking about how I haven't blogged anything in a while.  I thought I would try and catch up on everything that has been going on lately. 
The past two weeks have been crazy.  Two weekends ago my little cousin Jacob graduated from high school in Georgia.  It is truly hard to believe that he is even old enough to gratuate.  It seems like just yesterday he was little.  Of course I cried at graduation.  He was second in his class so he got to make his speech which was amazing!!!  That weekend we ended up staying in a hotel because Nise's was so busy.  Which we had a great time together!!! 
That Monday was Memorial Day and the first time Jesse was off with me in like a month it felt like.  Monday was a pretty chilled day we really didn't do anything special because it was so hot.
So the next week I pretty much worked my butt off like I normally do.  Until last Wednesday I ended up in the hospital in Greenville in ICU.  My blood sugar got so high and I went into DKA.  I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the hospital.  But I am feeling ten times better now.  My blood sugar is back down and getting under control!!!
This weekend was busy as well.  Jesse got the weekend off again which is surpising.  We spent the time together just relaxing and working on a new project.  This beautiful little chair for me.  That Jesse sanded down and redid it.  We still are not done but hopefully it will be done this coming weekend.

So now that I pretty much filled yall in on everything.  I am going to run back to work.  I will try and post something later.

Kenz <3